12 Dec groomsmen gifts - wall-mounted bottle openers

Groomsmen Gifts – Personalized Bottle Openers

Let’s face it. Good beer just doesn’t come with a twist-off bottle top these days and if you’re like us, you know that enjoying a few cold craft beers makes wedding planning (and life in general) a bit easier. We’re currently planning our own June wedding and we couldn’t be more excited!

We’re focusing a lot of energy into our special day to make it not only memorable for us, but also for our family and friends. We really want to make sure that our bridesmaids and groomsmen feel appreciated throughout the entire experience. After all, they’re spending lots of time and money to stand by our sides and that deserves something awesome to say, “thank you” for all of it.

As we’ve started our search for personal and meaningful groomsmen gifts for Jeremy’s friends, we’ve found that finding unique and thoughtful gifts these days is becoming harder and harder. No one wants another flask, money clip or cooler for being a groomsmen.

That’s where Drink Local can help. We’ve worked with lots of  grooms (and brides) to create custom, state-shaped bottle openers to give as wedding party gifts. Our personalized bottle openers make great groomsmen gifts to show your appreciation while also giving your lads something unique, meaningful and most importantly, usable.

Who hasn’t stood in their kitchen with a cold craft beer in hand, meandering through the junk drawer to find the illusive bottle opener? With a custom-made, wall-mounted bottle opener from Drink Local, your groomsmen will never go thirsty again. And, we like to think that’s a gift that keeps on giving, over and over again.

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